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- Oxyméthone [Anadrol]

- 50 comprimés [50mg/tab]

- Laboratoires Primus Ray


ALTERNATIVE STEROID NAMES: Anadrol, Anadrol-50, Anapolone oxymetholone, Oxymetholon, Dynasten, Roboral, Synasteron, Hemogenin, Oxitosona, Oxanabolic, Oxy 50

Strength Gains: 10/10
Mass & Weight Gains:10/10
Brûler les graisses :
Découpage/Définition :
Side Effects:9/10
Ability to keep Gains:1/10
Usual dosages:50 – 150 mg per day
Detection time:2 Months
A combiner avec :
Bulking:Deca Durabolin, Primobolan, Winstrol, Sustanon (generally all testosterones)
Cutting:Anadrol is usually not used in cutting cycles
Beginner Use: 2/10
Usage féminin :
Pros:Extremely rapid strength and mass buildup, easily obtainable.
Cons:Very strong side effects, Most of the gains are lost after the cycle.


History:   Anadrol was 1st produced in 19060 by the pharmaceutical company Syntex and was prescribed in the treatment of anemia and osteoporosis.  However, with the arrival or EPO, Anadrol as no longer considered an ideal candidate for the treatment of anemia and therefore, Oxymetholone, under the brand name Anadrol, was discontinued by Syntex in 1993.  Anadrol was later re-introduced in 1998 for the treatment of muscle wasting in H.I.V patients.  BB’rs and strength athletes began using the drug shortly after its release as a pharmaceutical agent and until this day, it remains one of the most popular oral steroids ever produced.

Mode d'administration : La méthandrosténolone est le plus souvent administrée sous forme orale. Des préparations injectables du médicament ont été produites par certaines UGL, bien que cette pratique ne se soit pas révélée plus bénéfique. La voie orale est de loin la voie d'administration la plus courante.

Steroid Class:  Oxymetholone is a DHT derivative, belonging to the DHT-family of steroids.

Primary Use:   Anadrol is king among the traditional oral steroids, being the most potent mass & strength builder available.  It is well-noted to provide immediate and substantial results, with many users adding 20+ pounds within the 1st four weeks alone.  While it potency as a mass & strength drug may be its most famed attribute, Anadrol is not a one-trick pony.  It has often been implemented towards the end of pre-contest prep, in order to increase muscle fullness beyond what can be achieved with injectable drugs alone–a feat it accomplishes quite successfully.  Users of this compound often experience extreme muscle pumps when training, which is no doubt at least partially attributable to the drug’s ability to increase red blood cell count.  In turn, enhanced vascularity can be expected.  These characteristics combine to provide a cushioning effect on the joints, allowing the lifter to perform heavy, pain-free workouts.  When it comes to strength enhancement, this is a steroid which powerlifters and strength athletes can put to good use, as few drugs are able to outperform Anadrol in this capacity.  In fact, many lifters claim that Anadrol is the most effective strength builder they have ever used.

Anabolic-Androgenic Ratio:  320:45

Aromatizable:  No.  Anadrol is not capable of aromatizing to any degree.  Still, Anadrol is well known to induce estrogen-like side effects in many users, although the mechanism by which Anadrol accomplishes this is not well understood.  When it comes to estrogen-like side effects, personal response can vary widely, yet treatment options are similar to aromatizable drugs.  For reversing/prevention of gynecomastia, Nolvadex is the preferred choice, while water retention is frequently mitigated with the use of an A.I, despite the drug’s inability to convert to estrogen.    

Activité progestative : Non.

Méthylé : Oui. La méthylation est une caractéristique protectrice de la plupart des AAS oraux, permettant à la molécule de traverser le foie et d'entrer dans la circulation sanguine intacte, après quoi elle peut atteindre le tissu musculaire et exercer ses effets de renforcement musculaire.

Standard Dosing Range and Cycle Lengths:  Oxymetholone is most commonly used at between 50-150 mg per day for a period of 4-12 weeks in length.  Most users will find that 50-100 mg per day is more than sufficient.

Fréquence d'administration : Utilisation quotidienne ; divisée en 2 doses égales.

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