Clenbuterol Hydrochloride Injectable Primus Ray 10X1ML [40mcg/ml]


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– Clenbuterol Hydrochloride

– Primus Ray laboratories

– 10X1ML [40mcg/ml]

– Water solution


Therapeutic application:

Bronchial asthma and other diseases associated with reversible airways obstruction. 

Even though it is not an anabolic-androgenic steroid, those who used it, claim that its effect is fully comparable . It has very strong anti-catabolic properties, which reduces the states where degradation of muscle proteins happens with subsequent decrease in performance. Referred to his strong fat burning properties without need for drastic diet. Doping sinners use it most often in conjunction with anabolic-androgenic steroids for maximizing their effects.
Side effects are quite different from those, which are characterized by anabolic-androgenic steroids. These are primarily feelings of restlessness, heart palpitations, trembling hands and fingers, excessive sweating, insomnia, in extreme doses, headache or nausea. These symptoms subside immediately after Clenbuterol is cycled off.
Until 1992, it was widely used by athletes of different levels and only known affair with Krabeova added it on the doping list. Anyway, by that time it was possible to buy it as supplement offered by different companies.

Abused benefits:

According to available information, misused benefits depend mainly on the weight of doping sinner and moving in the range 20-140 mg per day. There are many schemes , depending on the desired effect. I met with a continuously increasing the dosage in each subsequent day, the system “you take two days, two days to clean”, the daily use of the same dose, with the drug taken before training to increase the effect of the burning of fat, with the use of two daily doses apart after 12 hours etc. Competitive bodybuilders very often combined Clenbuterol Hydrochloride in the bulk phase with the resources oxandrolone, injecting stanozolol . In preparation for the competition, the fat burning effect is enhanced by use with liothyronine sodium.

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