Paul’s best, most recommended steroid cycle for MASS ( Simple, effective, ” safe ” )


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This stack is as for beginners as for advenced juice steroid abusers. This steroid stack ( cycle ) contains Testosterone Enanthate and Nandrolone Decanoate ( also called deca ).


This cycle cointains :


24x ampule of Testosterone Enanthate Galenika

24x ampule of Nandrolone Decanoate Hellas Greece.

1x Danabol DS




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Dosage is very easy and simple.


Inject Galenika and Deca Hellas at the same time, two times / week for 3 months. Draw full ampule of EACH ( Galenika + Deca Hellas ).


– Thuesday : one ampule of Galenika + HELLAS ( deca ) : shot same time.

– Friday      : one ampule of Galenika + HELLAS  ( deca ) : shot same time.


Dosage of DANABOL DS. Dianabol will be used as ” kick start “.

Use 40mg/day ( 4 tabs ) for first 6 weeks.

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